Tuesday 16 June 2015 | Category : Events

School celebrates top-class Head Teacher with stationery prize from Maped Helix

  Dr Lesley Curtis OBE was named the winner of the Leadership in Education award at The Education Resources Awards 2015. As part of celebrations...
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Monday 27 April 2015 | Category : Events

Maped Helix has found the UK’s oldest Maths Set tin

After a nationwide search Maped Helix has found the oldest Oxford Maths set tin, the hunt is over! As an official sponsor of National...
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Thursday 23 April 2015 | Category : Events

Quirky Stationery Uses - How Do You Use Yours?

Our traditional and much loved products have been finding a home in classrooms across the world for generations. But nobody said that stationery...
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Monday 30 March 2015 | Category : Events

The hunt for the UK’s oldest Oxford Maths Set begins!

Maped Helix is searching for the UK’s oldest Oxford Maths Set as part of their celebrations to mark this year’s National Stationery...
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Monday 02 February 2015 | Category : New Products

Maped Helix unveils Bunny Innovation

Maped Helix has unveiled its latest colourful stationery gadget aimed at injecting some fun into the classroom - Bunny Innovation! Shaped...
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Monday 27 October 2014 | Category : Events

Maped Helix, a sponsor for National Stationery Week 2015

Maped Helix is delighted to announce it will sponsor next year’s National Stationery Week.  National Stationery Week is a...
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