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Tuesday 25 July 2017 | Category : New Products

Get The Kids "Back to School" Ready With Helix


With sun-soaked summer holidays becoming distant memory, why not get the kids excited about going ‘back to school’ or starting school for the first time with Helix’s new ‘Fun To Learn’ stationery range, which features a host of kids’ favourite characters, including Hot Wheels, Thomas the Tank Engine, Barbie and Bob the Builder.



If your child is a Bob the Builder super fan, why not be super mum and help them get ‘back to school’ ready with thisBob the Builder themed stationery set?







Calling all parents who know the Thomas the Tank Engine characters off by heart - help your child steam ahead in school with Helix’s Thomas the Tank Engine set. Enabling school children to learn with Thomas and his friends, this is a great way to get kids motivated for the school term and sharpen their learning after a long summer off!  






Start the school term off in style, with Helix’s vibrant Barbie range! Perfect for your fashionista-in-training that’s looking to impress their fellow classmates with the coolest stationery around.





Help your child race to the top of the class with Helix’s Hot Wheels stationery set! Kids can zoom through lessons and school homework with all the Hot Wheels adorned stationery essentials.




Each character set includes a range of must-have essentials, including:

·         Two graphite pencils with a pencil grip designed to help children learn to hold the pencil correctly.

·         Three character themed colouring pencils

·          12cm scissors with printed blades and rounded tips for optimum safety.

·         15cm ruler with large, easy to read numbers and a rubber edge to aid use and prevent slipping

·         Shaped eraser with its fun character design.

·          Two hole pencil sharpener for both jumbo and standard sized pencils, featuring an anti-tamper safety screw and canister to collect pencil shavings.

·          A stencil template featuring fun-themed shapes for kids to get creative and draw their favourite shapes from one of the licensed ranges.

·          A matching pencil case to easily transport.


RRP:£11.99. Maped Helix’s extensive range of stylish stationery is available at all good stationers. For more information call 01384 286 860or visit